similar tendencies.

2020/09/08 22:38

You two didn’t match in the first place. People like you who eat every meal with someone who is important enough to take food to other people’s homes (usually graduate students and research workers) have seen this kind of thing. The schedule is flexible, so it can’t be a good fit if you give up eating to get some sleep or other time. Because priorities and values are completely different. Regardless of taste, I can’t help but wonder why you go to your boyfriend’s house and cook what you’re going to eat a few days later, and why you’re so upset when the owner doesn’t like it. You can make it at your place, not your home. Usually, people who don’t cook often hate washing dishes or the kitchen being worn out. I don’t like to put anything other than drinks in the refrigerator. I’m sure everyone likes to eat something delicious, but they gave up on cooking because they don’t like me. But if you’ve cooked well, your boyfriend would have had to wash the dishes, clean up, and clean up all the time, but once or twice, you can’t stand it. I’m not saying that you’re really bad, but if you meet someone who doesn’t fit you, you’re bound to hear bad things. Meet someone who has similar tendencies.

2020/09/08 22:38 2020/09/08 22:38