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missed, too.

2020/09/08 22:38

And, uh, I think there’s a lot of things that you missed, too.
I’m the only one in the text who doesn’t seem to have said directly that she doesn’t like to put food in the fridge?
So it’s not about Sunny putting food in the fridge.
Didn’t you respond like you didn’t care if you left it?
If your boyfriend said he didn’t want to leave food in the fridge, I wonder if he thought so unless he was dyslexic.

In the article, if you don’t like having a refrigerator, it’s the first time you did it on Sunday.
Before that, I thought you said you didn’t want to turn it around and leave it… The writer also wrote that he talked about it several times.

If I had told you exactly that I didn’t want food, I think I would have agreed on that.
 That’s not what happened the next day. If this is correct, it’s also the boyfriend’s fault that the man made a mistake in communicating.

Also, even if your boyfriend is the right communicator,
Exactly saying we should take it on Sunday means we’ve reached an agreement.
That’s what I’m supposed to do. Why are you forcing me to eat everything and talking about something else?

2020/09/08 22:38 2020/09/08 22:38

similar tendencies.

2020/09/08 22:38

You two didn’t match in the first place. People like you who eat every meal with someone who is important enough to take food to other people’s homes (usually graduate students and research workers) have seen this kind of thing. The schedule is flexible, so it can’t be a good fit if you give up eating to get some sleep or other time. Because priorities and values are completely different. Regardless of taste, I can’t help but wonder why you go to your boyfriend’s house and cook what you’re going to eat a few days later, and why you’re so upset when the owner doesn’t like it. You can make it at your place, not your home. Usually, people who don’t cook often hate washing dishes or the kitchen being worn out. I don’t like to put anything other than drinks in the refrigerator. I’m sure everyone likes to eat something delicious, but they gave up on cooking because they don’t like me. But if you’ve cooked well, your boyfriend would have had to wash the dishes, clean up, and clean up all the time, but once or twice, you can’t stand it. I’m not saying that you’re really bad, but if you meet someone who doesn’t fit you, you’re bound to hear bad things. Meet someone who has similar tendencies.

2020/09/08 22:38 2020/09/08 22:38

not yours.

2020/09/08 22:37

I like cooking and grocery shopping, but I hate putting what I ate once in the refrigerator and eating again. I hate this and that in the fridge. I buy ingredients just once or twice, and I eat a little bit of this and that, and before I use them, I try to eat something else, but I try to endure it. If you don’t like it, throw it away. Be polite in other people’s houses and kitchens, not yours. And just by looking at what you wrote, it’s like a mountain of food, so I’m frowned upon how you wrap up like you’re taking refuge. I don’t want my mom to bring me any side dishes, either. I hate it so much. Think about other people’s positions, not yours.

2020/09/08 22:37 2020/09/08 22:37

In these days when the Internet is advanced, if you can’t find things for yourself to achieve your goals, I don’t think you can achieve your dreams. Plan on your own and look for information. For example, what should I do to become a diplomat -> study English and a second foreign language -어를 Which country should I go to if I want to be good at English, and which foreign language will be competitive -> Which country will I go to? Think for yourself and decide. Why do you want to leave your future dream to someone else?

2020/09/07 22:11 2020/09/07 22:11

What’s the point of being hard-line? What’s wrong with wanting to be a diplomat after seeing a diplomatic expert? And if you only know the community, you can ask here. But I think it’s a mistake to ask this question because there are only comments about people who are worried about their career path that are ping-pong and full of personal values. Please refer to career counseling at school, worknet, and interview videos of diplomats on YouTube, study foreign languages, and study hard to pass the foreign language exam!

2020/09/07 22:10 2020/09/07 22:10

. I will support you.

2020/09/07 22:10

There’s even a saying that the diplomat’s dream is un, but I think it’s too narrow a view to disparage a minister who has built up international business skills in more than just because he didn’t pass the Foreign Service Examination as a simple interpreter. I’ve seen Kang Kyung-wha’s words before. Simply remember, you won’t be lazy, and I’m asking you to study and move on. I hope that you are a child of the 8th grade and have parents who want to support you will become a person who can learn various languages and accept international news from various perspectives. I will support you.

2020/09/07 22:10 2020/09/07 22:10

뭔가 혼자 생각하는 시간이 길어질수록 우울한 생각들이 더 자주 드는거같아. 난 죽는거보단 죽을때 겪을 고통이나 실패하면 장애인으로 살수도 있다는 두려움때문에 시도는 안해봤지만 항상 혼자 있을때 자살이나 죽음에 대한 생각을 자주 하는 편이야. 내가 대체 왜 살까. 내가 아무리 좋아하는 일이나 취미생활을 하고 있어도 뒤돌아서면 우울함이 몰려와. 그런게 우울증같아. 아무리 노력하고 취미생활을 만들고 바쁘게 살아도 단 1초 멈추면 숨어있다가 곧바로 떠오르는 우울함과 내가 왜 이렇게 노력을 하며 사는지에 대한 생각들. 내 삶에 부족한거 없고 내가 좋아하는걸로 둘러쌓여있지만 왜이렇게 하루하루 사는게 왜 난 이렇게 힘이 드는걸까. 하지만 내가 죽으면 남은 인생동안 상처받을 우리 엄마 아빠 친구들 주변사람들 생각하면 그 사람들 다 죽을때까지만이라도 살아야지.. 라는 생각을 하는것같아. 쓰니도 살아야 할 이유 하나라도 찾기 바랄게. 힘내

2020/09/06 16:21 2020/09/06 16:21

잊어버리고 기분전환시키고 이런걸로는 해소가 안되는거 같아요... 저도 우울증이라고 인식할 틈 없이 바쁘게도 지내보고 집중하면서 할 수 있는 취미도 가져봤어요. 근데 그때 뿐이드라구요. 우울의 원인은 뭘까요? 알고있음 맘고생도 안할거예요ㅜㅠ 어디서 봤는데 우울증이란건 나를 돌봐줄(보호)사람이 없을때 온다고 들은거 같아요. 제가 우울증 왔을때 생각해보면 음 비슷한거 같아요. 저는 그래서 다른사람에게 의지하지않고 내가 나를 돌보기로 했어요. 그리고 그냥 힘든걸 인정하고 더 나아지려고 노력하지 않아요. 노력했는데 안되면 또 그런맘이 들까봐요^^;;; 저는 그냥 그런 마음으로 살고 있습니다. 버틴다가 아니라 오늘 하루를 그냥 잘 지내보려고요. 아직까진 괜찮게 지내고 있어요^^;; 최근 종영된 드라마 사이코지만 괜찮아에서 힘들때 자기 자신을 안아 토닥거리는 장면이 있드라구요. 최근 힘든일이 있었는데 저도 한번 해봤어요. 너무 힘들어 무너질거 같을땐 그런것도 도움이 되더라구요 아 두서없이 주절주절 써서 뭔소릴 했는지 모르겠어요. 무슨 얘길 하고 싶었는지도 이해했을까 모르겠어요. 그냥 저는 그랬다고요. 저는 아마 죽을때까지 이 우울과 함께 갈거같아요 근데 이 우울이라는 친구랑 어떻게 지낼건지는 제가 결정할겁니다..이런거에 지지않을거예요

2020/09/06 16:21 2020/09/06 16:21

저랑 똑같아요 . 운동도 사실 살기 위해 하는거죠 . 사실 우울증에 좋다는건 저도 다하고 있고 또 해봤고 하지만 참 무기력하고 사는거 퍼석퍼석 하다라고 표현해야 하나 .. 남들이 우울증걸리면 하면 좋은 것들 애기하면서 이걸해봐 저거해봐 하는거 다 하고 있는데도, 참 어렵네요 , 현타올때 어쩌면 매일 세상이 무너지는 것 같고 답은 정해저있는데 내가 아둥바둥 사는건가 하는 생각 마니 들어요. 참고로 저는 5년째 치료, 상담, 약 먹고 있어여. 내가 이만큼 노력하는데 그만큼 간절하니까 이러케 바닥까지 감정이 내려가있어도 영끌해서 운동가고 좋타능거 다해능데 거 전 알아요ㅜ 진짜 해뜰날 옵니다 라고 딱 말해드리고 싶은데, 완벽한 날이 저도 아직 오지 않은지라, ㅜ그래도 그 맘, 그 좌절 몬지 제가 알것 같아요. 저두 언젠가 이 불안함이 걷이고 남들 만큼 편안함을 느낄날이 올꺼야 하고 버텨봅니다..

2020/09/06 16:21 2020/09/06 16:21

우울증이 얼마나 되셨어요...?? 약을 일단 늘리시는게 좋을것같아요... 일단 기분 자체가 호전 되고 그다음에 운동하고 심리치료 하는게 맞는 절차예요..! 이미 호르몬 불균형 상태라 기분이 다운되어 있는데 운동을 하건 심리치료를 하건 아무 소용이 없죠..ㅠㅜ 약으로 호르몬균형을 맞추고 그 다음에 심리치료나 운동으로 기분을 쭉 유지하시는게 좋아요!! 5년이상 우울증이 유지된 상태라면 10년은 치료시기로 보는게 맞아요~!

2020/09/06 16:20 2020/09/06 16:20